What Is A Live Moss Terrarium?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Live Moss Terrariums! You may be here wondering what exactly is a live moss terrarium? What is the difference between a regular terrarium and a moss terrarium? Along with what is the difference between a terrarium, vivarium, and a paludarium? The differences between all of these are small, but they are quiet distinct from one another!

Regular Terrarium vs Moss Terrarium

The difference between a moss terrarium and a regular terrarium is that; a live moss terrarium is easier to care for! Moss is much easier to grow than other plants! Only some mosses require strict condition to grow. However, most mosses don’t require much attention at all! Most mosses are happy as long as they have good soil, good water, and good sunlight! Some mosses don’t even need sunlight!

Terrarium vs Vivarium vs Paludarium

Now what is the difference between the various different a terrarium, vivarium, and a paludarium? Both terrarium and paludarium are variations of a vivarium. A vivarium is a closed space that is used to house an animal. A vivarium can be a frog living inside of a glass tank with some plants. However, a terrarium contains only plant life and no animals. A paludarium on the other hand contains a body of water inside of it! A paludarium can be hard to care for. This is due to the mixture of earth and water based life.

Which Is Best For A Beginner?

You are probably wondering which type should you start out with? I would recommend personally from experience that you start out with a moss terrarium. Moss is easy to care for and can handle bad management really well! Moss is also super cheap and easy to find! You only need a glass container, some rocks, a filter, soil mix, and the plants and decoration! To get started on creating your own live moss terrarium, head over to my articles; How to make a moss terrarium! or How to make a closed terrariu

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