How To Make A Moss Terrarium

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first steps on your mossy journey, lets learn how to make a moss terrarium! There are many different types of moss terrariums you can make. However, in this how to article, we will go over a very simple and beginner friendly live moss terrarium! Firstly, lets go over what we will need! A link to everything needed will be provided!

What you will need:

  • Potting soil or substrate
  • Rocks or pebbles
  • A spray bottle
  • Glass container
  • Activated charcoal or carbon
  • Decoration pieces (optional)
  • Small mesh
  • Filtered water or Reverse osmosis water (Tap water may work, but is risky)
  • Small plants or succulents
  • Springtails (Recommended)
  • Moss (Backyard moss is fine)


Before we start, it is best to use the recommended materials. The recommended materials above will give the best chance at success at making a healthy and thriving terrarium! However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change out any of these items for a similar item. They all have their purpose and it is up to you what you feel is best for you! The springtails are only recommended if you are creating a closed terrarium, rather than an open one! Springtails help manage the terrarium by keeping it clean! A closed terrarium requires less day to day care. However, it can get quite messy after a long time!

Where to get started

You will first need your glass container. In the glass container, at the very bottom you will place your rocks or pebbles. Make sure to clean the rocks if they were acquired from your own backyard! These rocks will act a false bottom. A false bottom acts as a drainage layer inside of the terrarium! Afterwards, you will need to cut your small mesh to fit snugly inside of the glass container. The mesh is placed on top of the drainage layer. On top of the mesh we will place the activated charcoal/carbon. This layer helps filter the water in our terrarium! The drainage and filter layers are kept separated by the mesh. On top of the filter layer, we will place our potting soil or substrate.

Make the moss terrarium look pretty

Now that the essentials of a terrarium are done. We can finally get to decorating our terrarium! Start by placing the decoration pieces if you have any and seeing where our small plants will look best. A good rule of thumb is to go with a minimal amount of clutter. The plants will grow and they will make the terrarium look amazing as is! Next, it is recommended to place a big plant on either side of the glass container. Finally, it is time to add the moss! However, before we add the moss, we must make sure that the moss has been properly cleaned especially if gathered locally. To clean moss properly, you just need to rinse it out multiple times in a small bucket or container until the water is clear.

Taking care of our moss terrarium

Now that we have our terrarium, lets see how we will care for it! This terrarium will require a minimal amount of care! If the glass container you have chosen as the recommended link above, it an open air terrarium. This terrarium will require you to water it ever so often, every 2-3 days, give it 3-5 good sprays of filtered water. Only filtered water should be given to the terrarium. The chlorine in tap water can kill the plants in the terrarium. However, if you chose to get a closed terrarium, the amount of water needed will be tricky. The water in a closed terrarium stays in the terrarium. Thus, it usually doesn’t need much water after the first time.

Finishing up our moss terrarium

Now that our new moss terrarium has been made, it is best to place it in some place with good lighting so that it may thrive! Don’t forget to also read the article on how to make a closed terrarium! That is how you make your own moss terrarium! Congratulations and enjoy your new plant buddies! If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below!

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