How To Make A Closed Terrarium?

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Why a closed terrarium? There are many different reasons for why someone wants to make a closed terrarium. However, one big reason is because, Closed terrariums are much easier to take care of as you are making an ecosystem within the container. A self sustaining closed terrarium rarely requires you to take care of it! […]

How To Make A Moss Terrarium

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What you will need: Potting soil or substrate Rocks or pebbles A spray bottle Glass container Activated charcoal or carbon Decoration pieces (optional) Small mesh Filtered water or Reverse osmosis water (Tap water may work, but is risky) Small plants or succulents Springtails (Recommended) Moss (Backyard moss is fine) Recommendations Before we start, it is […]

What Is A Live Moss Terrarium?

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Regular Terrarium vs Moss Terrarium The difference between a moss terrarium and a regular terrarium is that; a live moss terrarium is easier to care for! Moss is much easier to grow than other plants! Only some mosses require strict condition to grow. However, most mosses don’t require much attention at all! Most mosses are […]